Welcome to TERRA REF phenotype database

Reference traits from high throughput sensing platforms

This is the trait database for the TERRA-REF phenotyping project. TERRA-REF developed reference datasets and software to advance the science of crop breeding. This database contains plant and plot-level trait data such as plant height, biomass, leaf area, transpiration, phenology, water use efficiency, and biomass yield, as well as experimental metadata, plot polygons, and genotype information. Trait (phenotype) data include both hand measured and sensor derived measurements See the project website terraref.org for more information about our project, including links to sensor data, information about our phenomics pipeline, and documentation.

Summaries of available data can be found on a separate website, https://terraref.org/traitvis.

Published data are on Dryad. This database can also be accessed via the R traits package, a local copy of the database, or via the BETYdb or BrAPI APIs.

{:"Photo of the Lemnatec Field Scanner with Sorghum. Credit"=>"Rick Ward"}